Day Centre Check List


Does the person display any of the following:


  • Increased difficulty with memory - more forgetful, asking the same question over and over again?
  • Increased difficulty handling problems - an increased reliance on others to solve problems or to make plans, e.g. asking you to make appointments etc?
  • Increased difficulty managing finances - maintaining a chequebook, paying bills, making complicated financial decisions, e.g. asking you to do their banking, pay bills etc?
  • More difficulty handling emergencies - making unsafe decisions, needing increased support, eg locking themselves in or out of the house?
  • Increased difficulty performing household tasks - cooking, using appliances, eg leaving gas burner on, plastic pots on stove etc?
  • Any change in the persons ability to perform hobbies - decreased participation in complex hobbies, increased difficulty following rules of games, reading less or needing to re-read more?
  • Requiring increased prompting to look after their self-care - remaining in dirty clothes, unwilling to shower?


If the answer is 'Yes' to any of the above you should:

Day Centre Checklist Flow chart